We are all
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We have been assisting sports organisations with their finance and business planning for over a decade. Our customers are our partners and together we reach the same goals.

About Us

At Sports Accounting New Zealand, we are all about sports. We have been assisting the Australian sporting industry with high performance finance and business planning services for over a decade, and we are proud to now be providing these services to New Zealand. Our goal is to enhance the governance of sports organisations, allowing them to prioritise their members and stakeholders rather than being tied up with administration.

Sports Accounting New Zealand provides accounting services, business process system implementations, bookkeeping, and financial analysis, with simple and effective packages to suit your needs. We are a CPA public practice with CPA and CA qualified staff, a registered BAS Agent and certified partner of Xero, MYOB, Calxa, Lightspeed, ApprovalMax, Employment Hero, Dext and Weel.

At Sports Accounting New Zealand, our customers are our partners, and we reach our goals together. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. 

Our Services

We know that detailed planning, informed risk management and clearer analysis contribute to better results for your sporting organisation. The services we offer are fully customised to according to your club’s needs – creating close partnerships and alignment with your financial goals.

Finance & Accounting

Data entry of documents (income and expenses) into financial system. Ensure accuracy of data entry, correct classifications for taxation matters, and improve reporting quality by providing detailed analysis and variance commentary.

Complete review of data entry for compliance, reconciliations and provide any adjustments required to complete the requirements of your GST Return and PAYE with the IRD.

We will help you to establish a budgeting process for your business and ensure that it can adapt to your evolving needs. 

Process or validate your payroll. Assist with setting up new employees and administering the final pay for terminated employees. Complete a review of your payroll files for accuracy and compliance. Assist with the calculation of leave provisions to comply with your audit requirements and prevent any unexpected end of year adjustments.

Organisations change every day, and performance targets and measures in a budget often become outdated before the year even commences. By forecasting regularly, you can redefine your targets and measures to be more relevant to current organisation conditions. Regular forecasting enables your organisation to get a handle on your performance before it is too late to make strategic changes.

Providing a monthly report pack, detailing your current month and year to date results against prior periods, budgets and forecasts. Balance sheet, cash and debtor/creditor positions included enabling informed action. Timely reporting is important to ensure the reports reviewed are current, and decisions can be made quickly to avoid or improve situations that actually arose. Reporting against variances is a great way to highlight your financial strengths and weaknesses.

Balance sheets are reviewed and validated each month, via supporting evidence to each balance sheet item, to ensure that no nasty surprises are found at year end. Incorrect balance sheet accounts can then be adjusted to ensure reporting is accurate. Reconciliations are a must for any audit, and provides comfort that business accounting is being adhered to correctly.

Attend the meetings to offer quality advice to the financial results, and offer suggested improvements.

Closing the books for the end of year, and satisfying the audit requirements. Collection of supporting documents, and liaising with auditors to complete adjustments to obtain an unqualified audit report.

Business & Process Improvement

Why not use Xero as your small business accounting package? It is simple, affordable and will provide all the functions that you need to run your business. Xero is used by businesses worldwide to manage finance, payroll, banking, invoicing, purchasing and accounts payable. Sports Accounting Australia is certified adviser and can implement Xero to help you manage your day-to-day finance. 

Generally reporting alone on monthly cycle does not provide enough detail on why and how the organisation has ended up in certain situations. An analytic review of the results will provide further details, and solutions to problems can be developed to avoid future occurrence, and improve your organisations efficiency. 

Detailed analysis of business case decisions. Detailing the benefits and effort required for major decisions, so business decision makers can make informed decisions in the right path for the business. This would typically be for major events, sales contracts or change in business structures / systems. 

Review current business process, and offer more efficient solutions for staff members to work within. Documenting process’s (work procedures) is very handy for the event of new staff changes, and ensuring all staff are following the most efficient business process. Business process improvement will lead to reduced errors & costs. 

Providing a “what if” analysis provides decision makers within the organisation the tools to make better informed decisions. Many decisions are made based on assumptions, and by reviewing minimum, maximum & expected results, the impact of not meeting certain KPI’s on the financial outcomes will be better understood and potentially improve decisions made. 

Prepare and execute committee and board presentations. 

Meet the Team

Our team members are experienced professionals, Certified Practicing Accountants and are specialists in sports accounting and management. 

Steven Gatt

B. Bus CPA
Managing Director

  • > 25 years experience in corporate and small business environment in finance and project implementation.
  • Director (Treasurer) Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund (2019+).
  • Board member (Treasurer and Vice President) Triathlon Victoria (2009-2013).
  • Chair of Finance Committee – Vicsport (2013-2014).
  • Masters in Sport Management (Deakin Uni).
  • CPA Public Practice Certificate (2013+).
    Graduate AICD (2020).
  • Vermont Auskick Coordinator (2008-2010).
  • Treasurer Livingstone Primary School Council (2006-2009).

Jeremy Gleeson

B. Commerce (Accounting/IT), CPA
Business Services Manager

  • > 20 years experience in corporate and small business environment in finance and project implementation.
  • CPA Certified Practicing Accounting (2010).
  • Specialist in software implementations and process efficiencies.
  • Specialist in financial accounting, management reporting, payroll and process improvement.

Nataleigh Gleeson

B. Information Systems
Administration Manager

  • 12 years administration and bookkeeping experience in Trade and Transport.
  • 4 years administration experience in Government.
  • > 8 years administration and bookkeeping experience in Sports.
  • Specialising in bookkeeping, managing, implementing and maintaining quality requirements.
  • Skills in writing and implementing procedures and manual.
  • > 6 years volunteer netball coach.

Michelle Ryan

B. Commerce (Accounting)

  • > 10 years experience in corporate environments with a strong financial and management accounting background.
  • Committed to continuous improvement in finance processes to improve accuracy in reporting and compliance.

Martin Aubree

DECF & BTS accounting

  • > 30 years experience in small to large international business units in financial and management accounting.
  • Specialist in management reporting with a focus on financial performance and continuous process improvement.

Simone Gatt

B. Bus CPA

  • > 20 years of experience in corporate and SME environments in finance and management accounting.
  • CPA Certified Practicing Accounting.
  • Treasurer Livingstone Primary School Council (2010-2017).
  • Committee member (roles including Treasurer, Vice President, and President) Barriburn Pre-School 2004-2006.

Stefan Durovic

B. Commerce

  • > 6 years experience in booking and accounting in a chartered environment.
  • Specialist in financial accounting, management reporting, internal control and process improvement.
  • 3 years experience in bookkeeping and administration in Construction.

Chris Moore

B. Business (Accounting), CA

  • > 3 years experience in audit in a chartered environment.
  • Specialist in financial accounting, internal control development, and process improvement.
  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA).

Matthew Wells

B. Commerce (Accounting & Economics)
Junior Accountant

  • > 2 years bookkeeping experience within sporting organisations.
  • > 2 years management accounting experience within sporting organisations.

Kate Wells


  • > 8 years experience in Accounts Payable/Receivable.
  • 25 years experience in support roles (client/vendor management).
  • Treasurer Endeavour Hills Junior Football Club 2014-2017, General Committee 2018-2019, Life Member 2019.
  • Diploma in Business Administration.
  • Certificate in Business Management.

Irene Stamatopoulos


  • Currently studying Human Resource Management at Swinburne University.
  • > 20 years experience in the financial services industry and high-performance sport.
  • 16 years experience in public practice as a Practice Manager.
  • > 6 years working as a Finance and HR Manager at AusCycling.

Jalayna Boaler


  • 21 years experience in bookkeeping and administration in Construction.
  • Specialising in payroll and employee management.
  • Skills in implementation and management of safety procedures for construction.
  • Langwarrin Junior Football Club Committee Member 2012-2014.
  • 5 years volunteer junior football club Team Manager.

Cameron Gatt

B. Business
Junior Accountant

  • > 4 years bookkeeping experience with sporting organisations.

Maryanne Cabral

B. Business (Accounting)

  • > 30 years experience in various finance support roles for corporate, small, and not for profit businesses.
  • > 10 years experience as an Assistant Accountant.
  • > 8 years bookkeeping at Vicsport.

Case Studies

Sports Accounting New Zealand has been helping sports organisations with their finance and business planning for years, to great effect. Some of these case studies testify of the added value we can bring to our customers. 

Developed overall and individual program budgets improving transparency over coding and improved clarity of both overall business performance and programs.

  • Ability to track income and costs to two levels has provided a more simplified chart of accounts and therefore reduced complexity and coding errors;
  • Lodgement of credit card expenses in real time to avoid misplaced receipts and more efficient processing by the bookkeeper;
  • Reduction in payroll administration by 40% with employees submitting timesheets & leave electronically and superannuation taking 5 minutes from start to finish.
  • Total visibility over all transactional history by attachment of PDF documents to all bills and electronic signatures on every transaction showing creation, modifications and approvals;
  • Providing auditors access to Xero, enables auditors to drill down and view PDF documents on all transactions, reducing time spent by finance providing requested documents.
  • Total visibility over all transactional history by attachment of PDF documents to all bills and electronic signatures on every transaction showing creation, modifications and approvals;
  • Providing auditors access to Xero, enables auditors to drill down and view PDF documents on all transactions, reducing time spent by finance providing requested documents.
  • Transitioned business from cashflow manager to Xero, allowing streamlined processes and access to reliable reporting metrics;
  • Configured Vend POS system to manage the on-day competition takings, reducing admin time significantly;
  • Provided guidance on the set-up of assignr, a scheduling tool for management of various competition umpire schedules. This has led to umpire payments being paid in bulk via importing tools to Xero, vs legacy system of cash on the day.
  • Developed a budget with management which has resulted in the business to understand the impact of business change, and obtaining a better handle over the full year financial position;
  • Provided monthly timely reports vs budget with meaningful variance commentary.
  • Worked with business and council in relation to new stadium fees;
  • Implemented a staggered approach to increase court fees/season memberships to reduce impact to athletes/clubs, whilst maintaining budget surplus for the client under a significant venue hire increase.
  • Developed a tool that reviewed prior year phasing month by month, when revenue and spend were likely to occur, and over-laid the annual budget;
  • Worked with Table Tennis Victoria in reviewing the annual budget and monthly phasing, to finalise a full year budget month by month;
  • Uploaded a full budget and departmental budgets in Xero to aid monthly analysis on actual results vs budgeted results.
  • Transitioned Table Tennis Victoria from MYOB to Xero accounting package (cloud based system),  allowing remote access;
  • Altered account structure from a tiered general ledger to a flat general ledger, utilising department and jobs tracking codes, and thus eliminating the number of accounts required;
  • Transitioned client, supplier, employee details from MYOB to Xero;
  • Designed altered reporting formats to allow for high level reporting, and detailed reporting to department and jobs. Cleaned up the monthly reporting to board from total accounts to a summarised report allowing easier analysis;
  • Transitioned payroll to Xero and identified errors in prior payroll files, thus correcting issues and allowing more accurate monthly provisioning.
  • Enabled bank feeds direct from bank to accounting system, eliminating printing of daily bank statements and double entry to accounting system;
  • Hyperlinked PayPal details to invoices, allowing customers to make payment direct from electronic invoice;
  • Set up PayPal account with bank feeds direct into the general ledger, allowing business to manage this like another bank account;
  • Introduced online expense claims, allowing management to log expense claims on the road via a mobile phone application. Photo evidence stored of receipts, avoiding a paper base clutter at end of month.

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Sports Accounting New Zealand operates from Auckland, NZ and Melbourne, Australia.